Jocelyn has lived at God’s Resort for over four years.  Her story of overcoming is an inspiration to all those whom she comes in contact. 

In Jocelyn’s words…

“Before I came to God’s Resort, I was a meth addict for 38 years, homeless for three years straight, and a felon in and out of prison.  I knew I had hit rock bottom when I was 50 years old, had no home, no car, no purpose, no sense of self and I just wanted to die.

Things began to turn around for me when I got sentenced to 400 hours of community service at Watered Gardens Rescue Mission, where I eventually accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.

God’s Resort has given me a sense of family, encouragement and a better understanding that God really does love someone like me.  I’m still a felon, but God has paved many roads for me.”

Jocelyn has graduated from MSSU with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, has earned her license as a Registered Drug and Alcohol Counselor, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice at SEMO.


Frannie’s relationship with God’s Resort has come full circle.  During her years of drug abuse, she would come to those apartments (referred to then as “The Last Resort”) to get high.  When Frannie recently came back to God’s Resort for the Sunday Night Fellowships, she was asking for prayers for her upcoming liver transplant.  Not only did she receive prayers, but she found a new home and a place where she belonged.

In Frannie’s words…

“When I came back to God’s Resort, I had no idea what direction God was taking.  I had struggled with staying clean and sober and had hit a low point when I felt spiritually dead.  Things began to turn around for me when I surrendered my will for God’s will.

I thank the Lord for leading me here to God’s Resort.  Not only have I been given a place to live, but also a family that love me unconditionally.  I remember when I first came here.  I knew I was home.”

A five-minute video featuring short interviews with God's Resort residents, and a peek at weekly events.

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